British Virgin Islands Liquidation Services




BVI Liquidator provides BVI Voluntary Liquidation Services at cost effective pricing and fast track 


BVI Liquidator assist companies in the British Virgin Islands throughout the voluntary liquidation process. We can help you provide a liquidator and help you through the process. 


Our services help make sure your company remains compliant with all the rules and regulations while also acting as efficiently as possible. We keep the BVI voluntary liquidation process inexpensive and straightforward, most often settling matters within 4 to 6 weeks. 


Our process is straight forward. BVI Liquidator will assist with the BVI company dissolution and run with the whole process. In most cases your registered agent or office in the BVI will need to outsource the services of voluntary liquidator to a third party however BVI Liquidator will deal with the voluntary liquidation and the filing directly, we will not use the respective BVI Registered Agent or Office and thereby expediting and streamlining the process. 


BVI Liquidator has years of experience working with top tier banking institutions and trust companies, we understand the urgency and practicalities that clients must deal with on a day to day basis.  


With recent changes in the laws with regards to Economic Substance (ES), we find that clients don't always understand what is required or how this affects the process. BVI companies are required to file ES reporting up to the time that it is dissolved, if you are not sure how this works or what it means we will be happy to provide some guidance to make sure the company is compliant. 

In order to proceed and to engage the services of BVI Liquidator we require the company to have distributed all its assets and liabilities. In some cases, the BVI company may have a bank account, this will also need to be closed. In addition, if the BVI company has any registered charges this will also need to be discharged prior to commencing the voluntary liquidation procedures. 


BVI Liquidator can assist with any questions you may have or if you require a fee quote for our BVI voluntary liquidation services please feel free to reach out to us and we can provide you with a cost effective fee quote. We are confident that our fees are competitive in the market and as we take the lead throughout the whole process, we cut out unnecessary costs.  

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