Voluntary Liquidation Services


Our fees for assisting with a voluntary winding up of a British Virgin Islands Company will be provided on enquiry.

This fee assumes that all assets and liabilities are zero.

This would cover the following work:

  1.  Appointing a professional BVI Voluntary Liquidator.

  2. Drafting directors resolution approving the making of declaration of solvency and a liquidation plan;

  3. Drafting directors declaration of solvency;

  4. Drafting liquidation plan;

  5. Drafting members’ approval of the liquidation plan;

  6. Drafting voluntary liquidator consent to appointment;

  7. Drafting Directors resolution passing the appointment of a voluntary liquidator;

  8. Complying with the filing of the notice of appointment of liquidator;

  9. Drafting the required notice for advertisement;

  10. Complying with the  advertisement in BVI Gazette and one other BVI paper;

  11. Complying with the filing of the notice of completion of liquidation; and

  12. Obtaining stamped copies of the Notice of Dissolution and Striking Off from the Registrar.

  13. Obtaining the Certificate of Dissolution from the Registrar.


For the purposes of the above fee quote, we have assumed that the company will have no material assets or liabilities to be disposed of during the voluntary winding up.

What we will need from you

To comply with our obligations under relevant anti-money laundering legislation, we are required to obtain satisfactory evidence of the identity of our client.  We will contact you separately about these requirements if you decide to proceed. However if the following could be provided for the BVI Company initially it will assist us in starting the necessary process:

  1. Registered Agent's Certificate from the current registered agent;

  2. Certified copies of registers of members, directors and officers;

  3. Most recent financial statements, or if the company is a shell, a statement from the directors that there are no assets and liabilities;

  4. Summary of the activities of the company from incorporation to date;

  5. Details of any powers of attorney issued by the company.



We will require our full fees to be settled prior to commencing the BVI voluntary liquidation process.